Your Best Source for Pure Grassfed Ghee in Australia

Your Best Source for Pure Grassfed Ghee in Australia

If you are searching for the best source of pure cow ghee in Australia, you've found it! 

Both our organic grassfed Australian ghee and biodynamic grassfed Australian ghee has been made especially for food purists, ghee connoisseurs and passionate home cooks who are not only interested in the high smoking point of ghee, but its taste and superiour texture.

Ghee connoisseurs know it’s not just what the ghee is made out of – but also how it is made. 

OMGhee makes their ghee according to ancient traditions which is only possible through small batch artisian methods.  Once ghee production is scaled too large, the taste profile customers enjoy is compromised. 

Remaining small batch allows us to infuse and create an amazing flavour profile.  (What does OMGhee taste like?)

Made by a Butter Addict for Butter Lovers.

Made by a butter addict, the founder knew, if Ghee was to take it's rightful place on the Australian kitchen bench then it would have to appeal to the Australian palate. 

Many ghees are made from cultured butter giving it a slightly tangy (or sour taste). Instead, OMGhee is made with Australian fresh (no frozen) sweet cream butter.  Deep carmelisation of the milk solids before meticulous filtration means the ghee is infused with flavour.  The secret to the texture obtained - well that is tightly held, but it means, under correct storage conditions you can spread your ghee straight out of the jar.

Because we have strong values of supporting our local dairy farms and Australians food sustainability we have choosen to only make our ghee from Australian butter and ethical sources.   

We are blessed that our Australian dairy is viewed as one of the best in the world for purity, quality and taste. 

Our other sustainability committments arey having a full recyclable shipping option and recycling our carboard to protect our posted jars along with recieving our jars back from customers at farmers markets and donanting them to food sustainability programs.

You can choose from biodynamic ghee made from  Paris Creek Farms grass-fed biodynamic (better then organic!) or Organic.

Curious about the difference?  click here.


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