Order OMGhee Wholesale to stock the Best Quality Australian Ghee for your Customers

OMGhee Australia’s best Biodynamic and Organic ghee is available to buy wholesale to reputable retailers and natural practitioners.

Our minimum order is small which allows you to trial retailing it without much outlay. OMGhee is shelf stable in an ambient temperature and has a 12 month shelf life.

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OMGhee Australian Organic Ghee available to wholesale

What category does ghee sit in?

Traditionally ghee sat in the international aisle. However, we are on a mission to move OMGhee and consumers view on ghee to the butter aisle. 

Ghee is a fantastic ‘cooking butter’, lactose free, ‘butter alternative’ so it makes sense to have it near the butters.

Because it’s a healthy fat and often used in speciality diets some retailers choose to place it in the wholefoods / health foods section. 

Whatever aisle you choose to put your OMGhee,  know that this healthy lactose free and high heat cooking butter alternative can be purchased wholesale for a minimum outlay. 

OMGhee – Australian Organic Ghee available to wholesale is as follows:

Organic Australian Ghee 275ml
Biodynamic Australian Ghee 275ml

Non Organic, Food Service Ghee – 10kg

We are in the process of producing more sizes – stay tuned.

If you are a reputable brand and are considering adding a ghee brand to your portfolio by white labelling or private labelling to an Australian Ghee Co-Manufacturer you can read more about our contract manufaturing service.