• Lisa Ormenyessy omghee founder

    Founder of OMGhee and Queen Ghee on a mission to educate and have fun while doing it.

  • About the Maker

    Hi I’m Lisa, passionate founder of OMGhee, Australia’s Premium Biodynamic and Organic Grass Fed Ghee.

    As a former business consultant, I discovered the game-changing benefits of Ghee during a health battle, recognising its superpower effects of significantly reducing inflammation and diminishing brain fog.

    Since then, I have advocated its use and launched OMGhee. Apart from its health benefits, OMGhee tastes incredible; and as a butter addict, ghee became my doctor approved, and “not guilty”, pleasure. My mission is for my ghee to be a staple in every kitchen pantry in Australia. To this end, I have deliberately made OMGhee appealing to other butter addicts such as myself.  Cooking ghee is a practice requiring total presence and what I like to call my ‘great pause’. In the unassuming space, standing over the stove, watching, listening, and smelling the glorious transformation of butter into ghee I have discovered my joy. 

    Making ghee has become a metaphor for life and I want to share and educate anyone who will listen not only on the amazing health benefits of Ghee, but the joy that is available to us when following our heart.

    Just like the butter surrenders itself to become precious, golden Ghee I want to remind you that in surrendering there is great magic and joy to be found.

    - For the love of Ghee

Our Journey So Far

omghee launch

Soft Launch

July 2021

With jars from k-mart and stickers from officeworks. The first OMGhee orders were to friends and family. We were overjoyed when Paris Creek Farms said they could supply. Staying on mission we held our first Ghee Masterclass.

cow ghee

New Jars and Labels

October 2021

Earlier jars were proving too heavy to post and we wanted OMGhee to be shelf stable for a very long time so we upgraded to new jars – and a new label. In the background we were designing a website and our ‘official’ labels. We are now selling to friends of friends.


Website Launch

November 2021

At last! The OMGhee website is launched and we can shout from the roof tops how wonderful we are. In the meantime partners such as FoodSA and ShoplocalSA have helped us get the word out and direct traffic to online shopping portals.

organic ghee

Organic Ghee Launch

June 2022

With a shortage of Biodynamic butter, we bought forward the launch of our Organic Ghee. We now produce both types. For the differences between the two check out this article

omghee story

We moved!

January 2023

A home to call our own. An office to work from, a cool room, ample storage and most importantly a larger kitchen. Our bratt pans allow us to cook more ghee to keep up with demand, and we have started cooking ghee for other ghee brands to make sure ALL Australian ghee brands have all the OMGhee yums.

omghee certified ghee

Organic Certification

March 2023

We’re Certified Organic! When you want to prove that your products or services are organic, you need to be certified by an organisation that consumers trust.. After a gruelling audit we received our organic and biodynamic certification with NASSA. See our certification here.

lisa founder omghee

From the heart

Remember eating your favourite home cooked meal, handmade by your mother or grandma?  It was special.  It wasn’t the ingredients or the baking pan that set it apart from the same dish made elsewhere.

It was the love.

Everything we do at OMGhee is filled with love, joy and fun - just as cooking should be.

We're here to make every cooking moment positively absolutely shine!

OMGhee mission

A Mission to Educate

We’re on a mission to educate and inspire on the benefits of ghee.  One day in the future we want to see a jar of OMGhee sitting on every kitchen bench.  Step one – having everyone know what ghee is! 😂

We hold introduction to ghee classes in Adelaide, South Australia where you discover how to make your own ghee and walk away a ghee connoisseur.  

Contact us to find out when the next course will be.