Collection: Organic Ghee

organic ghee


Small Batch, Certified Organic Grassfed Ghee

This Australian Organic  ghee made from the butter of grassfed cows is one of the purest ghee’s available in Australia today.  Not 'just clarified butter' OMGhee is made by simmering the butter slowly for seven hours so we can guarantee that its fatty acid profile has transformed into a healthy fat, (like an avocado, or coconut oil). 

Ghee is made for cooking and full of the good stuff. Consider it your lactose free high heat cooking butter.

In natural medicine ghee is used to lower inflammation, boost immunity, and increase the bioavailablity of the food you eat. It decreased bad cholesterol. Rich in Vitamins E, A, and antioxidants, it’s gentle and healing for the gut because it’s high in Butyrate.

Ghee is the buttery goodness you love – without the guilt. 😉

No Nasties - Free from Lactose, Caesin, Whey, Gluten or GMO's 

What does it taste like?  A little like shortbread, or if you're a 5 yo "the bottom of the cornflake crackle".

How to Use:  Simply swap your butter for ghee in any your recipes at a ratio of 1-1 and enjoy the benefits of this healthier alternative.

Suggested Serving size: 15g

Storage: Store at room temperature in a cool dark place and use within 3 months of opening. Keep clean and always use a fresh clean spoon. There is no need to refrigerate – sit it on your kitchen bench next to your other oils. To extend the shelf life of the ghee you may refrigerate it between uses.