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There is a food and fitness revolution happening. Be part of it. Add OMGhee to your diet along with a fitness program and change your world. Our ghee is handcrafted and thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest quality ghee available in the market. Made from the milk of grass fed and pastured cows. Ghee is clarified butter… basically all water, milk solids and casein (milk proteins) have been removed over an open flame. This leaves you with rich, golden and pure butter fat.


latest recipes with Ghee
Eggs over Spicy Tomato Gravy

Eggs over Spicy Tomato Gravy

Love this dish because its quick, simple, and delicious. The egg pairs perfectly with the tomato...

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Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji

I love egg bhurji. Think of it as spicy scrambled eggs. This is a dish I would enjoy often on my...

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Egg Curry

Egg Curry

This dish is a personal favorite of mine. It pairs amazingly with white rice, cauliflower rice...

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Ghee Caf

Welcome to Ghee Caf! We are proud to introduce Sumatra and Brazilian coffees. Pick your favorite and enjoy daily! Welcome to Ghee Caf! We are proud to introduce Sumatra and Brazilian coffees. Pick your favorite and enjoy daily!

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It smells unbelievable

I would recommend this product to anyone. It is by far the highest quality ghee I've ever used. It smells unbelievable. It's rich, creamy, and I legit put it in everything I can. It's my go to healthy fat and the high smoke point makes it an ideal and healthful alternative to many oils. It's great to know these guys take such pride in their product and such consideration as to where it comes from. As long as they make it, I'm going to buy it.

Noelle Phelps
I just love you guys !

I just love you guys !! Tonight I cooked a all organic chicken patty, with fresh spinach and asparagus in Omghee for my 20 month old son ..... And he ate it all !! Even had seconds ! Doesn't take a grown up to realize that you guys rock !!!

Ashley Nicole Vaughn
The flavor is amazing and it’s so creamy

I am fairly new to the paleo lifestyle and I stumbled across this product. I knew for me to be successful with my new lifestyle I needed all the quality ingredients and products out there. I received my ghee and I tasted it straight from the jar, best way to know if you'll enjoy it is if you can eat it straight from the package, the taste made my taste buds explode! The flavor is amazing and it's so creamy. For me I taste almost a caramel flavor. I have cooked with it and also have baked with it both of which enhanced and brought a new life to my food! You have to get your hands on this, it's delicious!!

Jen Bear

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