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Australia's Best Ghee. Premium, Handmade, Organic and Biodynamic Ghee Made from the Butter of Australian Grassfed Cows.

100% Australian

Biodynamic & Organic

High Smoking Point

Rich in Vitamins & Nutrients

Lactose Free

Make the Healthy Switch from Butter to OMGhee!

Ghee is a good fat, (think of it like an avacado you can cook with)

So if you love butter but want a healthier option OMGhee is your healthy, lactose free, butter alternative with all the taste of butter- but better!

Thousands of years in the making, this ancient superfood Ghee has been used in medicines to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and increase the bioavailability of the foods you eat.

To use, simply replace butter in your recipes with this healthy ancient superfood at a ratio of 1-1 and enjoy increased wellbeing.  

With hints of warm caramelisation and butterscotch over tones (some say it taste like shortbread) , OMGhee is GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU GO OMG!

Omghee selling our yummy organic grass-fed ghee at a market stall.
A teaspoon with yummy, golden organic ghee on it.

Health Benefits

Ghee is clarified butter, on steriods!  It’s made like clarified butter and then taken through some additional processes to create ghee. With the highest of all smoking points, use this smooth, warm caramelised tasting spread on your toast, steamed veggies, or for sautéing or baking.

Ghee contains high concentrations of monounsaturated Omega-3s and fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and heaps of butyrate a fatty acid linked to immune system response for inflammation management. Ghee also improves gut health, which is directly linked to building immunity. 

Though rich in fat, ghee contains high concentrations of mono unsaturated Omega-3s. These healthy fatty acids support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Studies show that using ghee as a part of a balanced diet can help reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat burns and swelling.  The fatty acid butyrate is linked to immune system response for inflammation management.  

Removing the milk solids during the cooking process means ghee is an option for those who are lactose intolerant.

Ghee is a rich source of butyric acid, which helps maintain the integrity of your gut lining.

A fat that helps you lose weight?!  Yes. Ghee is packed with essential amino acids, which assist in mobilising fat and causing fat cells to shrink. It’s a great source of memory-boosting omega-3-fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA),and rich in omega-6 fatty acid conjugated linolenic acid (CLA).

Studies have shown that omega-6 fatty acids can help increase lean body mass and reduce fat mass, aiding in weight loss and management. Similarly, omega-3s are also said to help you lose inches and shed body fat.

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