Can I Substitute Ghee for Butter? The Benefits of Swapping.

Can I Substitute Ghee for Butter? The Benefits of Swapping.

There are a lot of butter alternatives on the market these days. If you’re looking for a butter alternative, you may be wondering if you can substitute Ghee .

Yes!  And there are a load of benefits to swapping it too.

So how do Ghee and butter differ, and what are some of the benefits of making the switch!

  1. Ghee has no milk solids. This means that there is no lactose, casein, whey or anything else that can affect those with dairy intolerances. Butter, on the other hand, contains all of these things. So, if you’re looking for a dairy-free option, Ghee is the way to go as a butter substitute.
  2. Shelf Life. Ghee can be stored in the back of your cupboard for years without going bad. Butter, on the other hand, will only last for a few months in the fridge. So, if you’re looking for an ingredient that will last longer, Ghee is a great choice.
  3. Smoking point. . Ghee can be used for cooking at higher temperatures without burning over butter. Butter will start to smoke and burn at lower temperatures, so it’s not the best choice for cooking. 
  4. A healthier option.  Studies have shown Ghee has been shown to reduce cholesterol and inflammation levels in the body while boosting immunity. In fact, there are a whole range of health benefits to ghee that butter does not have – here are the 10 health benefits of ghee if you want to dive deep.

In many recipes Ghee as a substitute for butter is the obvious choice. 

Cake do become a little more denser and biscuits are yum!  Here’s our favourtie ghee biscuit recipe – they’re a little like your favourite melting moments.

There are many advantages to swapping out butter and using Ghee as the alternative in your diet. So, if you’re looking for a healthier, dairy-free option with a longer shelf life, Ghee is a perfect choice. Give it a try and see how you like it. You might just find that you never go back to butter again!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Do you have any tips for making the switch from butter to ghee? Let us know on our socials and be sure to check out the recipes for more ways you can swap our butter and use ghee as a healthy butter substitute.

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