Private and White labelling Ghee Manufacturing using Australian Butter

OMGhee produces ghee under our brand as well as producing ghee as an Australian contract manufacturer for other ghee brand labels. Ghee co-manufactured and produced in this way is known as Australian Private Label Ghee or Australian White label ghee.

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Our Vision for Australian Ghee Manufacturing and Private Labelling

We contract manufacture Australian Ghee because we have a vision that includes.

  1. Supporting Australian Dairy Farmers
  2. Creating food security for Australian consumers, and
  3. To have Australian eating more ghee and on every Australian table.
  4. To have substandard ghee (adulterated ghee) removed from the Australian supermarket shelves.

For our vision to come to life – every ghee brand must taste good!

And we KNOW our ghee , OMGhee, is the best tasting ghee in Australia – maybe even the world!

So we figure…

If we cook for more Australian ghee brands behind the scenes, and they put their own private label on it, then more of the ghee on Australian supermarket shelves tastes great. If the ghee tastes great, more people will buy it and experience the wonderful health benefits ghee has to offer.

We’re not about ego – we’re about producing the best tasting ghee in Australia, and the world.

Let’s face it. Australians are a nation of butter addicts so if more Aussies fall in love with Australian Ghee and use it as their healthy butter alternative just like we did.

Then it’s a win!

omghee founder Lisa enjoying pure ghee

Why OMGhee?

  • We love cooking ghee – it’s become our passion and darhma,
  • We believe food carries not just calorie energy but also a subtle energy. 
  • It’s the subtle energy that draws consumers back over and over again. 
  • In short, the heart of the maker matters.  Just like grandma’s food tastes better than a restaurant – even when it’s exactly the same ingredients and recipe.

We make  our ghee in the traditional Ayurvedic way.  Our ghee is not only the purest ghee in Australia but it also has incredible ‘subtle’ energy.  Customers say our ghee ‘zings’ in their body and are surprised ghee can taste this good.

We are not about churning out ghee for ghee’s sake. Staying true to our vision we want more ghee in Australian pantries and on Australians tables.

Quality matters. We can provide you with Certified Australian Organic Ghee.

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