What Does Ghee Taste Like?

What Does Ghee Taste Like?

We often get asked ‘what does ghee taste like?’

If you’ve never tried ghee before, you’re in for a treat! Or are you?

Is it buttery and delicious? Or is it gross and oily and slimy?

We decided to list some of the comments our customers tell us about their taste tests so you can find out!

Ghee is sometimes described as nutty with a grainy feel.  But our customers say our ghee tastes completely different.

For example – from the mouth of babes, Miss 5 says

“it tastes like the bottom of the cornflake crackle” 

If you don’t know what a cornflake crackle is check out the original recipe here.

It is basically butter, sugar, honey and cornflakes. 

Others describe it as “butterscotch” or “caramelised” and many say “It’s nothing like any other ghee I’ve ever tasted before!”.

The most common description of what ghee taste like is ‘shortbread’.

We lovingly hand-make our ghee and think this is the key difference from other ghees. It is in the process of handmaking the ghee that we can achieve deep caramelization of the milk solids. This is what gives our ghee its unique taste that people can’t quite put their finger on!

Ghee might not be the first obvious choice as a butter alternative, but those who do enjoy it, really enjoy it!

We say ‘you better believe it is better than butter’ and our consistent five-star google reviews back us up and do the raving for us.

So there you have it – our ghee is made from the finest quality organic butter Australia has to offer and tastes great! (unless you’re not a fan of cornflake crackles that is).

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give it a try? You can purchase it on our shop page here – We’d love to hear what you think.

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