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What Makes Biodynamic Ghee So Special?

300 Greek Spartans went into battle against 250,000 of the Persian Army to hold the peninsula of Thermopylae.

A mighty feat that has been memorialised in the glamor of Hollywood.

We’re no movie stars, but bringing 300 jars to market every month is a mighty feat too.

And, while we’re not up against an army, some days we feel like we’re going into battle.


Biodynamic butter is extremely rare and expensive compared to other butters on the market.  In fact, Biodynamic Ghee is rarer than gold!

The dairy that we purchase our butter from is the only dairy in Australia that provides enough biodynamic butter to make ghee, and we are one of only two in the world that make it.

Everyone is scrambling for it and we order months in advance to make sure we get it for you.

Butter connoisseurs and health nuts want it above all other butters.  Especially pregnant women, nursing mothers and those with compromised health because of its purity and higher nutrient profile.

Adding to the already limited supply as we come to the end of the dairy season, biodynamic butter is becoming even harder to obtain.

Limited supply means we are limited to producing only  300 jars of Biodynamic + Grassfed OMGhee a month – it’s a battle and everyone is fighting for it.

To make sure you don’t miss out on your jar, get on the subscription wagon. 

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