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Sacred Ghee and Why the Cook is Sacred

Our sacred ghee is created with a sacred cooking process

Quality matters when it comes to ghee, and we are passionate about the intentional transference of love and joy into our ghee.  Every spoonful of ghee will become a cell of the person enjoying it. This is why we insist we make a sacred ghee.

We believe there is an energetic exhange between the persons who makes the food and the person who eats it - you!

How do you make a sacred ghee?

By the way you cook it of course :-)

We treat the cook as a sacred activity to produce a sacred ghee.

We know it all sounds a little ookey gookey at first, but think about it.

As an explaination, in simple terms, we all know that our grandmas or mothers cooking is the best.  You can go to a restaurant and order your favourite meal.  The chef can use the same ingredients and the same recipe. Yet, it will taste different.

My grandmother wasn’t the best of cooks, but quite often I dream of her lasagne with the burnt crispy edges or her mayonnaise made from sweetened condensed milk.  It wasn’t the lasagne or mayonnaise that was special, it was her secret ingredient – her Love.  I can definietly say her cook was sacred.

Food has the ability to move us. 

Each and every thing we put into our mouths eventually becomes a living part of you – a cell. a bone, a muscle.  There is an energetic exchange between the making and the eating, so why wouldn’t you want to make sure it’s lovingly made in a way that adds to your wellbeing.

Some mediate - I cook OMGhee.

Sacred Ghee.

Ghee that will elevate you on your wellness journey and make every dish gheelish.

Every spoonful of OMGhee has been deliberately created to bring love and healthy joy into your cells.

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