Where to Find Ghee in the Supermarket

Where to Find Ghee in the Supermarket

Looking for ghee in your local grocery store or supermarket can be tricky. There are so many different brands, and it’s not always clear which one is the best.

But, where does it live?

There are three main areas that ghee could be in your local grocery store.

It's normall in either the -

  1. International aisle,
  2. Dairy aisle, or
  3. Health and Wellness aisle

In this shopping guide, we recommend some of the most common places to find ghee in the grocery store. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to choose the right brand for your needs.

1. International Aisle

The best place to start is in the international aisle. Many supermarkets have a section dedicated to Indian, Asian, Mexican and so on.  This is where you're most likely to find traditional ghee.

If your smaller grocery store doesn’t have an international aisle, check the shelves near the spices. Ghee is often shelved with other cooking oils, so that’s another good place to look.

2. Dairy Aisle

Another option is to check the dairy aisle. Ghee is made from butter, so it’s technically a dairy product.  It is also used by many as a healthy, lactose free butter alternative – hence the butter aisle.

3. Health and Wellness Aisle

You may also find ghee in the health and wellness section of your grocery store. This is because ghee is lactose-free and with has extraordinary health benefits and is a favorite for those on keto diets and intermittent fasting programs.

Where is OMGhee?

You will usually find OMGhee in the dairy aisle. Because of its shortbread taste profile, many of our customers use it to spread their bread, dollop on their vegetables as well as cook their eggs and mushrooms.  

As ghee advocates, we're also working hard to change perceptions about what ghee is about so switching from the international aisle to the butter aisle helps people see Australian ghee through a different lense.

Occassionally, it will be in the international aisel.

To find a stockist of OMGhee pop your postcode in here.

What to look for in choosing your ghee in the grocery store

Now that you know where to find ghee in the grocery store, let’s talk about how to choose the right ghee for you. 

The first thing you’ll want to look for is a brand that uses high-quality ingredients. This is important because ghee is made soley of butter.

If the butter is of poor quality, the ghee will be poor.

Secondly, make sure it's not just labeled as clarified butter, or butter oil.  This is not ghee, and is often just highly processed AMF (Anhydrous Milk Fat)

Grass-fed butter

The other thing you should look for is 100% grass-fed butter as the sole ingredient. This means that the cows were fed a diet of only grass, and no other grains or supplements. Grass-fed ghee is higher in vitamins A and K2, is rich and beta carotene, and has higher amounts of CLA.

At OMGhee take our butter choice one step further and use Paris Creek Farms butter for our biodynamic, organic ghee.

Biodynamic farms produce the highest nutrient profiles butter (great soil equals great grass for the cows). These farms have also been regenerated and so are fully sustainable (carbon neutral)  Add to this there are no nasties like GMOs, additives, or hormones. This is especially important when using ghee as medicine. 

If you are using ghee as medicine, you might want to give the grocery store or supermarket a skip and instead get a recommendation from you health provider.

Country of origin

Lastly, country of origin, buy Australian organic ghee made with high quality organic Australian butter and you’re guaranteed to get the health benefits of a great ghee. Sadly, because of the cost of butter there are many unscrupulous manafacturers in other countries that adulterate the ghee with other oils, animal fats and starchy vegetables. Governments are cracking down this practice and and say another indication is price. Very cheap, mass produced ghee is more likely to be adulterated than not.

We hope you found this overview of where to find ghee in the grocery store or your local supermarket and what to look for when choosing ghee helpful.

Why you're here - why not buy from a small producer and support Australian made?  Buy Australian Ghee. 

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