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Ghee Waste - More on Sustainable Ghee

After making ghee there is a by-product of ghee waste.  

Ghee waste is called Mawa. 

It’s amazingly yum and perfect for making your sweets.  It has all the toastiness of ghee, mixed with sugar from the lactose.  It's an excellent addition to desert recipes.  The recipe we like ghee waste the most for is traditional apple crumble topping.

The gheeliciousness of this cannot be overstated, and to be honest, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

This leftover brown-coloured residue is a rich source of protein, fat and minerals and often used as a dietary supplement.  If you’re super interested in the nutritional details and other uses you can click through to an article here.  The health benefits are interesting, but boring compared to its taste.

OMG it is amazing!

One of my girlfriends, Sharon, loves the Mawa so much she eats it straight out of the jar.  It’s a special treat for her and she has named it Royal Ghee as a word play on the highly valued royal jelly from bees.

You do not get much of it from the cook and on my last batch I was able to get just 6 small jars.  Out of 42 kilos of butter, magically transformed into golden ghee, that’s not much – it is precious.

It seemed such a waste to through it away, so at the moment we are passing it onto to chefs around Adelaide to have a play with.  If you are a chef and would like to try some contact us - we would love for you to try it. 

The easiest way to eat this is to make a crumble with a little sugar and sprinkle it over stewed fruit or ice cream (dairy overload anyone?!).

Now excuse me, I have to go have me some. 😋


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