OMghee is the purest butterfat that is left after the milk solids and water have been removed. Remember that there are healthy and unhealthy fats. OMghee is the healthy fats!

We obtain the highest quality pastured cow butter. We are certified organic and certified Kosher.

We use churned butter which has become increasingly rare in today’s market. The butter is heated and melted over an open flame until it begins to separate. This is done in small batches to guarantee the highest quality ghee in every jar!

Once the milk solids and water have been removed in our commercial kitchen we are left with the purest form of butter possible.

This process is long, slow, and meticulously done so we can guarantee that you have the highest quality butter available minus all the impurities the majority of butter companies are putting on shelves! If it comes in a plastic jar than it is not good butter!

The Jars are hand poured and shipped to your home or local supermarket for you to enjoy!

OMghee has a shelf life of about 9 months. If you’re not going to finish the jar within one month we do recommend putting it in the fridge. Don’t store the jar where it can be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. It’s best to keep it in the cabinet or pantry.

If you buy large jar the best way to use OMghee is to put some of the ghee in a small jar near your cooking area while refrigerating the large jar. When you run out of OMghee simply just throw some in the small jar again from the larger one for your everyday use.

NOTE: OMghee is EXTREMELY pure meaning it can be contaminated. This speaks volumes about our quality. Always keep the lid closed when you’re not using it and only use clean and dry spoons. If you allow any moisture or other food to get into the jar than there is a chance bacteria can spread and spoil your ghee.

Even though the milk solids have been removed OMghee is still considered a dairy product. It still falls under the butter category. OMghee does not have any lactose or casein in it! So if you have any dairy intolerance you SHOULD be ok. OMghee is very friendly to those that have issues digesting dairy. There traces of milk solids are generally so small that they do not cause allergic reactions.