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purest ghee for keto diet bullet proof coffee

The Purest Ghee for Your Ketogenic Diet and Bullet Proof Coffee

OMGhee is the only biodynamic, organic,  ghee in Australia making it the purest ghee for your keto diet bullet proof coffee.

Ghee is often considered to be one of the healthiest fats when eating a ketogenic diet.  The keto diet focuses on foods high in fat, low in carbohydrates and high in proteins.  Depending on where you read some have calorie restrictions others do not.  However, back to ghee.

The main reasons ghee is highly valued on a ketogenic (keto) diet is because the eating of ghee will not bump you out of a fast, is a pure fat curbing your appetite and OMG it tastes so good.

Ghee is also lactose free and because it has a high smoking point is less likely to create free radical like other oils are prone to do.

Besides being an amazing cooking fat (I dare you to cook your steak in it, and eggs…. next level!) ghee is used in bullet proof coffee.

Ghee and coffee – who would have thought it.  Having coffee on an empty stomach can cause acidity however, adding pure ghee in a keto bullet proof coffee is it has a soothing effect on the gut.

There are lots of recipes for a bullet proof coffee despite its simplicity.

Black coffee + clean, pure fat (OMGhee of course).  Some choose MTC oil, others coconut oil.  We believe the purest ghee for a keto diet is OMGhee because it is not only organic its also biodynamic.  The additional health benefits that come with ghee are a bonus plus it has plenty of other uses in the pantry as opposed to MCT oil.

Shop OMGhee, Australia's best and only biodynamic ghee

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