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Why Ghee?

OMGhee is a healthy fat (like an avocado) with a ton of benefits.

It tastes a little like a caramelised, buttery, shortbread and is an easy swap and healthy solution to any butter addiction. Here’s some of the main reasons we love ghee and see it as super easy switch for butter on your wellness journey.

Lactose Free

Made from butter but better. Ghee is lactose free. We don’t add anything to the butter, instead we remove all the milk solids at the end of the cooking process. Ghee makes a fabulous butter alternative for those with dairy intolerances or are just looking to reduce dairy proteins and sugars in their diet.

Shelf Stable

Ghee can be left at the back of the pantry unopened for years. Once opened it is shelf stable out of the refrigerator so you can leave it out on the kitchen bench (make sure you use a clean spoon and keep the lid well sealed between uses). Many customers use ghee when they take off on their outdoor adventures like camping, hiking and fishing as it’s a great cooking fat on the open fire and does not need refrigeration when fridge space is already tight.

100% South Australian

Made in South Australia from 100% organic, biodynamic Grass Fed Butter.

Rich in Vitamins

Due to the low and slow cooking process ghee is rich in important nutrients like vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acid which help reduce gut inflammation and support heart health. But wait there’s more! As an added bonus ghee increases bioavailability - meaning you absorb more vitamins and minerals from the food you eat.

The Health Benefits

Used medicinally for 1000's of years to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and lower cholesterol. Ghee has a wide range of uses when it comes to natural medicine. Click here for our top 10 health benefits of Ghee.

The Smoking Point

If you’re a home cook, the high smoking point of ghee is a real bonus. Forget the release of free radicals or rancidity when using oils or butter at high temperatures ghee has you covered. A super high smoking point of 250 ℃ means you can cook with it at high temperatures without it burning. Here's a handy infographic that shows you all the other fats and their smoking points.

Ghee lasts indefinitely when stored in a cool dark pantry, but don’t worry too much about its shelf life. You’ll love our ghee so much that only one thing will keep your mind occupied – ordering more! Here’s a tip for preserving your ghee: seal the lid between uses and use a clean dry knife. Keep the knife that’s been inside the Vegemite jar away! In the event of a ghee-mergency (vegemite contamination or soft ghee), eat it quickly or store it in the fridge where it will be safe from moisture intrusion and will harden nicely for you!

Unlike vegetable and olive oils which become oxidised at high levels and create damaging free radicals, the smoke point of OMGhee is a whopping 425 degrees so is safe to cook with at high levels.   It is especially amazing to cook eggs and steak in. Yummmmm!


Yes, use it as a butter replacement in all your recipes as it is a healthier option.  Simply sway out butter for ghee at a ratio of one to one. 

Technically yes as its sole ingredient is butter.  However, the cooking process removes the all the milk sugars (lactose) and (casein) so is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant and makes a great butter substitute.

It is reported that people with dairy intolerances seem to tolerate ghee quite well. The reason being is because all the milk solids – including the lactose and casein – are removed. Also the fatty acid chains in ghee are different than butter, more closely resembling the cell membranes of your body. Try testing it in a very small quantity and if you tolerate that, take a bit more, until you either get a reaction or know that you tolerate it. Ultimately you know your body best.

Ghee contains different fatty acids all with different melting points. For this reason, you may find that your ghee is grainy, crystallized, smooth, waxy, liquid, or a combination of various textures. This is caused by the melting and crystallization of the fats depending on the temperature and conditions during production, storage and/or transit.

While the texture may change, there is no effect on the taste, quality or shelf-life.

When you melt the ghee graininess disappears or if you’re like us and like to be able to spread it and it has become too soft, simply pop it in the fridge for a bit. 

The proof is in the pudding – Taste it!

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