What makes OMghee so unique?

What makes OMghee so unique?

One reason is because OMghee is made from Certified Organic pasture raised cows. The nutrient density of the grass may vary throughout the year. Spring/summer time is the most nutrient dense grass mother nature provides that our pasture fed cows get to munch on annually. The differences throughout the year are quite subtle but this contributes heavily to the artisan small batch taste of OMghee. Think of it as similar to how fruits and veggies go in and out of season. Though there is no real off season and Omghee tastes amazing year round, it still has subtle differences through tout the season.  

The ample time grazing the cows spend on this nutrient dense grass transfers into the cream the cows provide to make the delicious certified organic, certified kosher, and non gmo butter that OMghee uses to make our ghee. 

OMghee is one of the very few companies that uses American made artisan slow churned butter. We do not used mass produced butter like so many brands in our price range do. Our farmers take about a week to produce as much butter as many nationally available butter producers make in about a day. Many nationally available butter brands use what is called a continuous churner which works similar to a wood chipper. Keep throwing cream into one end and out the other end comes butter and the machine keeps going and going. We source from farmers who use individual batch slow churners. The churner must be loaded with cream and then set to tumble, drained of buttermilk, then tumbled again, then drained again, and so on until the churner is completely emptied, cleaned, and prepped to start a whole new single batch. 

Here’s some links for reference

Continuous churn for mass production
Small homemade butter churner (similar concept on a different scale)
The pure butterfat percentage of the butter we use to make OMghee jumps from 85% up to 88% during the spring/summer season. Most nationally available brands are 80% if made in America and 82% if made internationally such as the popular Irish brand so many people reccomend. 80% is the minimum for butter in America while 82% is the minimum in Europe. Any butter producer foreign or domestic that makes butter with a higher butterfat percentage than these minimums always advertises their butterfat percentage as that is what contributes heavily to the price of the butter.

See how the price goes higher as the butter fat percentages increase? The more pure butterfat happy healthy cows can produce the close to ghee the butter already is and the less lactose, casein, milk solids, and moisture needs to be removed to make delicious OMghee.

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