Grass Fed Ghee Australia

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Grass Fed Ghee Australia

What are the Benefits of Grass Fed Ghee from Australia?

Let’s start with grass fed butter.  Grass-fed butter is a good source of vitamin A and the antioxidant beta carotene. It  has a higher proportion of healthy, unsaturated fats and CLA.  It also has vitamin K2 with is imporant for bone and heart health.

Most common cooking oils are unhealthy and contribute to high cholesterol.  Grass fed ghee is a step up from grass fed butter and has many health benefits.  It is a great lactose free, healthy, butter substitute.  Ghee is a healthy fat and is one of the best sources of healthy fats for vegetarians, post partum mothers and as a babies first dairy. It is perfect for those following a keto diet as well.

Most organic and grass fed Australian ghees will not be found in your local Woolworths or Coles. Why? Because quality takes time and ethical producers using Australian dairy can’t price match lower quality butter suppliers from overseas.

Ghee is easier to digest than other oils.  It is not heated at high temperatures when it’s being made.  This means the nutritional content and enzymes in the butter is preserved.

During the cooking process the fatty acid chains are transformed so they now closely mimic your cell membranes. This is beneficial because it helps increase the bioavailability of the foods you eat.

OMGhee’s biodynamic and organic ghee is made from the butter of grass fed cows from a single source – Paris Creek Farms.

In the Media

In the Media

OMGhee has been a hit in the media.

Read on to see all our different ‘shout outs’ in the press.  Our presence in the media has been greatly assisted by assistance from Amy Springhall of The Visibility Project.

Popular Media GLAM Adelaide tells the story behind the brand of OMGhee

Lisa launched Australia’s only biodynamic and organic ghee softly last year, with OMGhee now available for in selected stores and online.

The spread makes a name for itself in being butter’s healthier sister. While it has butter origins, the butter goes through a process to eliminate all moisture and milk solids creating a lactose free, long shelf-life butter alternative.

It has a high smoking point and many health benefits that make it perfect for cooking and offer delicious flavour too.

“Ghee can last up to 12 months in your pantry without refrigeration,” Lisa said.

“We source all our butter from Paris Creek Farms so it’s both organic and biodynamic.

“Ghee is perfect for sautéing, baking, frying or spreading on your toast. It’s a healthier alternative to butter or oil,” Lisa said.

The article can be found here

Omghee founder Lisa Ormenyessy

Food Media, Eativity – Leading Food Publication Directing Subscribers to OMGhee

Eativity, one of Australias most subscribed to ‘foodie’ publications directs their subscribers to OMGhee as Australia’s only Biodynamic, Organic, Grass-fed Ghee.



Australia’s Leading FMCG Industry Publication Features OMGhee

In the media, retail publications, Inside FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) article highlights how OMGhee is Australia’s Only Biodynamic and Organic Ghee made from the butter of grass-fed cows and how we are on a mission to educate and inspire Australians about the health benefits of including ghee in their everyday diets.

The article can be found here.


Australia’s Leading Parenting Magazine Writes Feature Article


Ghee – A Postpartum Mum’s Best Friend is the name of the article in The Natural Parenting Magazine where they recently featured OMGhee as a standout for supporting postpartum mums in their after-birth recovery.

You can read the article here.


Ghee for All Female Fishing Crew

Team Just a Girl, an all-female fishing crew, whose adventures on the high seas are captured on Channel 44 in a reality show format were super excited to give our ghee a go.

One hurdle Team Just a Girl have is space in the fridge on the boat for butter and when out at sea a number of nights space is at a premium.  The win for ghee is that it does not require refrigeration, but catering to a team of butter lovers, what is the verdict on taste?  Watch the video to find out.


From Business Coach to Ghee Master. 

Featured on Happy Business Radio , Anchor FM, discussing the transition from business coach to founding OMGhee.

Listen here