Ghee for cleansing and detoxifying

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Listen in as we discuss how our Australian Organic ghee is used by Ayurvedic practicioners for cleansing and detoxifying.

Feeling a little toxic?

In the third of our monthly education series we are talking all about Ghee forcCleansing and detoxifying. 

Used in Ayurveda for thousands of years as a detoxifier and cleanser, ghee is believed to have the ability to penetrate deep into tissues and help soften and break down toxins.  It then carries the toxins from the body.  Some studies also suggest ghee helps support liver function,

How does it work?

High quality ghee is used in for certain periods of time while simplifying the diet.  It’s consumed daily in smalls amounts to support digestion, liver function, and the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Ghee can be fabulous too to improve your health as a part of your wellness journey.  However, remember, it’s important to consult with your healthcare professional before starting any detox program or making significant changes to your diet.

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Interested in diving deeper into the many health benefits of ghee and discover all the fabulous wellness tips and tricks in using this everyday pantry item as a tool in your cleansing journey?

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Home Remedy for Constipation

ghee for constipation and insomnia

A Recipe to Kick Constipation and Insomnia to the Curb

If you’re having trouble with constipation or insomnia, try taking this drink, in the evening, half an hour before bed. This natural bio-hack is bought to us by ancient Ayurvedic physicians and is specifically designed to work with your bodies cycadean rhythm and to correct imbalances.

The result?  A restful night’s sleep and relief from constipation.

The healthy fat in ghee gives you a double whammy in benefit in this insomnia and constipation recipe.  Firstly, taking a health fat, such as ghee, before bed makes it less likely you’ll experience disturbed sleep due to a drop on blood sugar.  Secondly, ghee is a natural and gentle laxative, providing lubrication to the body and clearing the intestine passage

Serve : 1/2 Cup
Total Time : 5 Minutes

– 1/2 cup of non homogenised milk (we use Paris Creek Farms of course)
– 1/8 tsp of cinnamon, cardamon and nutmeg, rapadura sugar (or jaggery)
– 1/8-1tsp of Ghee (depending on the level of your constipation)
Feeling like some extra nurturing? – add a thread of saffron*.

Place milk in a heavy based saucepan and just before it boils add the other ingredients. Allow milk to froth then immediately remove it from the heat.
* Saffron has antioxidants that boosts immunity and has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.


Food is medicine, and while this is a simple and yum recipe it is tempting to swap out spices, change or remove the level of ghee or sugar for taste. Know that if you do, while it will still taste great, it won’t work as intended.

Each ingredient is there, in its quantities, for a specific action on the body to provide the medicinal qualities we seek. The only thing up for change is the level of Ghee – increase or decrease the amount depending on the level of constipation you are experiencing.

As for insomnia, us all the other basics you know to help support you too sleep too. Treat this drink like another tool in your toolbox.