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Let’s Date - 1 Jar a month

You’ve got a taste for ghee, and you secretly know we’re a match. Eggs cooked in ghee and have become your obsession and more experimenting is on your mind.  You have a sneaking suspicion there’s more depth to our relationship to discover. Make us a regular part of your life with a one jar a month subscription and let’s start dating!

Biodynamic Ghee 1 Jar/Month Subscription
$34.95  $33.20/month = $33.20 per jar

Organic Ghee 1 jars/month subscription
$24.95  $23.70/month = $23.70 per jar

We’re a pair - 2 jars a month

You’re convinced. Ghee has found its way into your heart and kitchen, and you find it pairs with more than eggs, you’re loving the flavour it brings to your sizzling steaks and relish dolloping it on vegetables and finding new ways to incorporate it into your life. Save 10% by inviting a pair of us into your life with a two jar a month subscription.

Biodynamic Ghee 2 Jars/Month Subscription
$69.90  $62.90/month =  $31.45 per jar

Organic Ghee 2 jars/month subscription
$49.90  $44.90/month =  $22.45 per jar

In Love & Married - 3 Jars a month

It’s official you’ve ditched the butter; your heart is all in and OMGhee is a permanent resident on your kitchen bench top. People are raving about your roast potatoes and your loved ones can’t stop asking about your secret to making every dish so delicious. Commit to three jars a month and we will reward you with free shipping and a saving of 15%.

Biodynamic Ghee 3 Jars/Month Subscription
$104.85  $89.10/month =  $29.70 per jar

Organic Ghee 3 jars/month subscription
$74.85   $63.60/month = $21.20 per jar

We Are Family - 4 Jars a month

Ghee is the new golden child in your household and the whole family can’t get enough of it. Your family and friends think you joined a cult because you can’t stop raving about the way ghee makes you feel after every meal.  By this stage you’ve discovered that the magic powers of ghee extended far beyond food, it’s a pathway to wellbeing. Subscribe to our family 4 jar a month deal, receive free shipping and save a whopping 20%.

Biodynamic Ghee 4 Jars/Month Subscription
$139.80  $111.80/month =  $27.95 per jar

Organic Ghee 4 jars/month subscription
$99.80  $79.80/month = $19.95 per jar

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