Pure Biodynamic, Organic Ghee by OMGhee Yearly Subscription

From: $273.00 / year

Small Batch, Biodynamic, Organic Grass-fed Ghee
The most luxurious and purest ghee in Australia. Omghee is hand crafted using quality single source biodynamic, organic, butter from grass-fed cows.

Its warm, toasty, caramelised taste is guaranteed to make you go OMG!

Our Monthly Subscriber option is for the fully committed ‘marry me’ types.  Never run out again – delivered to your door with out fuss.

Available in 275 ml

Suggested Serving size 15g


Handmade with organic, biodynamic butter from the happiest of grass fed cows grazing at the renowned South Australian Paris Creek Farms.
This ghee is handmade with love, joy and intention, using the highest quality and purest butter to be found in Australia. This is reflected in its taste, texture and effect on your wellbeing.
Ghee is an ancient superfood has been proven to lower cholesterol, build immunity, reduce inflammation and increase the bioavailability of the foods you eat.
Rich in Vitamins E, A, and antioxidants., it’s a healthier (and tastier) alternative to butter so whack it on your vegies, smear it on your toast and sizzle your steak.  Simply swap your butter for ghee in all your recipes at a ratio of 1-1 to enjoy the benefits.

Suggested Serving size 15g

Storage: Store at room temperature in a cool dark place and use within 3 months of opening. Keep clean and always use a fresh clean spoon. There is no need to refrigerate.


1 Jar/Month for 1 Year, 2 Jars/Month for 1 Year, 3 Jars/Month for 1 Year, 4 Jars/Month for 1 Year