Pure Biodynamic Grass Fed Australian Ghee by OMGhee Monthly Subscription

From: $33.20 / month

Small Batch, Biodynamic, Grassfed Ghee
The most luxurious and purest ghee in Australia, OMGhee is handmade using quality single source South Australian biodynamic, grass fed butter, and infused with love, joy and intention.
Its warm, toasty, caramelised taste is guaranteed to make you go OMG!
Available in 275 ml
Suggested Serving size 15g


Choices, choices, choices.

What should you choose?

Organic or our exclusive and rare Biodynamic Ghee?

Both are premium products, but here’s what I tell my customers at the farmers markets.

If you’re pregnant, a nursing mother, or overcoming health challenges I suggest you continue with the Biodynamic as it has the highest nutrient profile.

Or, if saving the planet, carbon neutral agriculture and all that jazz is high on your values then yep, keep with the Biodynamic.

But… if you just love the taste, the feeling of nourishing your body. and you appreciate the amazing cooking qualities of OMGhee…

Choose organic.

It’ll keep you healthy and put some change in your pocket. 😉


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