Realizing my dreams are often times bigger than my wallet when it comes to the growth of #Omghee. Im considering a @gofundme campaign . I started #Omghee to be a side job and something I did for joy and the ability to share something of my culture with a broader audience. I was looking for jobs working in marketing or creative advertising with no luck at all. I guess I showed them right? Last August I flew to India to help small farmers develop ways to share their organic pure coconut oil, tea, spices, Ayurvedic powders, and ghee made from holy cows with us in America. I have to pay my dairy farmers for the butter we use to make our ghee available right now, jars, kitchen times, etc, etc. Then theirs my loving family and best friends who help me with everything you could imagine without anything in return because we are all looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile we pinch every penny and stick to the necessities and the occasional rare treat or “happy” purchase. It’s all for the dream though and if you have to love your dream enough to risk and sacrifice everything. Those who work for someone else 8 hours a day understand to because after work you work on yourself right? No matter what, we have to be inspired and work on our own goals and dreams regardless of what they are or when we do it right?

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