A delicious recipe for Twice Baked Spaghetti Squash from @confessionsofacleanfoodie! More amazing recipes can be found on the @confessionsofacleanfoodie IG acct.

Spaghetti squash rubbed with #OMGhee and @flavorgod Pink Peppercorn Salt. Then baked at 400 degrees for 40-45 minutes.
After my squash had cooled, I forked out the spaghetti strands and topped it with Homemade Marinara, and shredded mozzarella. Then return to oven and bake until cheese is bubbly.
Remove from oven and finish with fresh Mozzarella, @5280meat Fresh Pork Sides ( seasoned with #flavorgod everything spicy and cooked with more #OMGhee and diced into small pieces ), and fresh scallions.
HOT DAMN????. As you dig into the baked squash, the fresh mozzarella slowly melts from the heat and leaves you with a melty, gooey, cheesy, and crispy bite?

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