Personally, I’ve been using @fatco for nearly 2 years now and travel everywhere including India with it. I was an old spice user for nearly 20 years until I started using @fatco. The small amount of #fatco deodorant needed goes a long way and in the truly saves money. As an active person I’d reapply throughout the day and that would add up. A small tin of @fatco deodorant lasted me a while. Most importantly one week I went back to old spice as I was waiting for my order to arrive and my pits were itching up something fierce. I actually remembered that this wasn’t the first time I had these random bouts of skin irritation in that location. Just never really put it together that it was the deodorant as I wasn’t really aware of an alternative. Anyway, I’m a customer for life and it’s an awesome giveaway package! Check them out!

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