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simple quick organic biodynamic ghee, rice and corriander recipe

Ghee Rice & Coriander

Ghee, Rice and Coriander.  Simples.

One of the easiest and tastiest way to experience ghee is on plain basmati rice.

This recipe calls for dashings of corriander and Indian black salt for additional health benefits.

This ghee rice recipe is quick, easy, and a great recipe to pull out when you can’t be bothered cooking.


1/2 Cup Basmati Rice
2 tbs OMGhee
1 Cup Chopped Fresh Coriander
Indian Black Salt
Squeeze of Lemon Juice per Serve
#1 Cup of Joy

Wash your rice 4 times until the water changes to be clear in colour. Then allow the rice to soak in clean filtered water for 10 mins.

Drain your rice and place it a saucepan. Add boiling water to
1cm above the rice line. Turn the heat to high, place the lid on
the saucepan and boil for one minute or until froth appears.

Turn off the heat, leave the lid on and wait. It will be ready in
10 mins. Do not remove the lid.

While waiting for your rice, cut the coriander finely.

Take the rice off the stove, stir through the coriander and add dollops of OMGhee.

Serve into individual portions and squeeze lemon liberally over each serve and season with black salt.

Fun Fact:  Black salt isn’t really that black and it stinks of sulpher.  Don’t let this put you off though.  Like parmesan cheese, it tastes different that how it smells.  It adds a very distinct flavour profile to the dish without it becoming – salty.  Black salt is only ever used for enhancing dishes after they have been made. It is not suited to be added to dishes during the cooking process.

Enjoy this gheelicious recipe of ghee, rice and corriander.


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