What does Ayurveda even mean? We had to look it up ourselves. Basically it just means natural medicine. Our initial reaction was “Hey that sounds pretty cool”. We can visibly the western world has become flooded with genetically modified foods and we are pounded with ads for medical wonder drugs. If you visit your doctor it usually ends with a prescription for a pill or several pills that will become a part of your day to day life. Seriously enough!

We truly believe in our hearts that science cannot be the answer for every health problem that a person may incur in their lifetime. Christian, atheist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, or whatever you are I am sure you can agree with us that the earth must provide us with solutions that don’t require a chemistry lab.

A lot of nutritionist’s (especially Paleo ones) say that 80% of your immune systems power comes from your gut. We believe that to be true and to be common sense logic which is why the ayurvedic applications of ghee have been so interesting.

Our journey was going to lead us to westernizing an eastern product but it seems like many yogis in America are already well aware of how amazing quality ghee really is for the body. We will be going on a yoga journey to go along with our fitness goals and along the way we will hopefully go from yoga amateurs to experienced YoGhee’s!

Disclaimer: We are extremely familiar with team sports and athletes. We have done a few yoga classes here and there but are not regulars. We plan on learning about these chakras, mantras, and other yoga terms as our journey progresses. If you can teach and explain us a few things please feel free to talk to us!

Ayurvedic uses of Ghee

It is believed that ghee is an enhancer of nutritional content. It amplifies the nutritional effects of the foods it comes into contact with. For example if it is used with a food rich in antioxidants and vitamins the effect of those antioxidants and vitamins will be amplified on the body. Ghee is a carrier of “yogavahi” and “bhasmas”.

It is said that 60% of what is put on the body is absorbed by the body. So literally we are eating what is put on our skin. Through science we have learned that massaging our skin creates endorphins and endorphins enhance our body’s immune system.

1 or 2 tablespoons of ghee in the morning followed immediately by hot water can produce a morning poop. A few spoonfuls in non-homogenized milk to be drunk and night can be soothing to the nerves and lubricating to the intestines. This will also produce a morning poop. (We plan on testing this one out. Will let you guys know how it goes!)

One table spoon is of ghee is taken first thing in the morning to cleanse the body’s internal organs and dissolve the toxic wastes (“ama”) in the tissues, allowing them to be taken to the digestive tract for disposal.

The skin also releases peptides which are believed to be the vehicle in which the mind communicates with the body. Using ghee can enhance the peptides communication process. This is called Abhyanga which is said to slow the aging process.

Ghee is believed to increase flexibility. Considered to be a lubricant of the body because it assists connective tissues and joints.

It is said that ghee is great for gargling because it strengthens the teeth and gum.

Ghee can be used in bath oils. Take a few tablespoons of ghee and mix it with your favorite essentials oil.

Ghee is excellent for scrapes and both chemical and heat or fire burns. We might try this one out too. Any volunteers?

Ghee is said to be an exquisite facial moisturizer.

Any YoGhee’s have anything else to add about the ayurvedic properties and functions of ghee?