Welcome to OMghee!

OMghee is a small family and friends operated business which opened in May of 2013 by Mitul Parekh. Everyone in the OMghee team has lived on the same street for over 25 years. We have essentially all grown up together since kindergarden or related. After that many years I guess it is kind of the same thing right? The people in this photo are some of the most important people in the world to me. The bond and love we have for each other shows with how we created and represent OMghee but also with how we treat our customers.

After 10 years as a Financial Advisor, I would find myself staring out the window thinking that this was it for the next 40 years. Stuck in an office working hard without that sense of joy and fulfillment. Then there was a moment at our local gym that sparked inspiration. I took part in a 30 day Paleo challenge at our local Crossfit Gym and there was ghee on the list of top 3 cooking fats to use. In a room full of a 100 people only myself and the nutritionist knew what ghee was. Everyone in the room was unfamiliar with ghee and the lightbulb went off in my head. There is a much larger market for ghee than I never knew and someone is dropping the ball as far as  getting the word out. I now have a chance to take something that has been part of my culture for over 5,000 years and introduce it a brand new audience. 10 months later after plenty of research, travel, and expenses the brand of OMghee was born!

The first 6 months was a struggle. I recruited my best friends Simon and Anthony to help me with areas I was weak in and they were strong in. The chemistry was just natural and it showed with how much we started to grow and how consistent our orders were becoming. We would do everything together as kids and knew each other so well and could speak openly and honestly together. Every day of work together was something we all looked forward to.

OMghee just kept growing and we started bringing in our parents. My dad aka the Gheefather started managing our finances and growth. After quitting my job and bankrupting myself to start OMghee against his wishes it was a joy to have him on the team. His years of experience owning his own businesses was extremely useful with money management. We needed to grow in order to keep up and he stepped in and become our accountant/CFO.

My mom and Simon’s mom eventually started helping out too by helping us manage relationships with local businesses and making our brand of ghee. Young Pete is our intern, future chef, and my neighbor since he was 3 months old!

We are a tight knit crew and and the quality of ghee we put in the jar is as important to us as the quality of people behind it. Everyone you see here makes my life much easier and lets me focus on better serving you guys. Thank you all for your support and taking the time to learn about who we are!

Our Team

It smells unbelievable

I would recommend this product to anyone. It is by far the highest quality ghee I've ever used. It smells unbelievable. It's rich, creamy, and I legit put it in everything I can. It's my go to healthy fat and the high smoke point makes it an ideal and healthful alternative to many oils. It's great to know these guys take such pride in their product and such consideration as to where it comes from. As long as they make it, I'm going to buy it.

Noelle Phelps
I just love you guys !

I just love you guys !! Tonight I cooked a all organic chicken patty, with fresh spinach and asparagus in Omghee for my 20 month old son ..... And he ate it all !! Even had seconds ! Doesn't take a grown up to realize that you guys rock !!!

Ashley Nicole Vaughn
The flavor is amazing and it’s so creamy

I am fairly new to the paleo lifestyle and I stumbled across this product. I knew for me to be successful with my new lifestyle I needed all the quality ingredients and products out there. I received my ghee and I tasted it straight from the jar, best way to know if you'll enjoy it is if you can eat it straight from the package, the taste made my taste buds explode! The flavor is amazing and it's so creamy. For me I taste almost a caramel flavor. I have cooked with it and also have baked with it both of which enhanced and brought a new life to my food! You have to get your hands on this, it's delicious!!

Jen Bear