Popcorn Ghee

Popcorn cooked in Australina organic ghee

If you’ve never had popcorn ghee you’re in for a real treat.  Besides the OMG taste, the best thing about cooking your popcorn in ghee is that you don’t have to add butter to it at the end of the process – meaning less washing up. With winter upon us and the rise of Netflix and chill moments as we cower inside out of the cold, ghee with popcorn is a healthy snackable treat for both children and adults alike. It’s one of the easiest of ghee recipes – besides smearing it on a crumpet or dolloping it on cooked vegetables that is – and takes advantage of the high smoking point of ghee.




1/3 cup of popping corn (dried corn kernals)

2 heaped tblsps of OMGhee

1 medium, heavy based saucepan (with a lid and preferrable glass, but not essential – the glass that is – the lid is critical)



Please the ghee in a heavy based saucepan.

Heat the ghee so it is very hot – and hot enough to pop the corn kernels.  How do you know when it is hot enough?  Take a single corn kernal and drop it in the ghee.  If the oil is hot enough it will begin to move, turn and then after a short while pop.

Place the remaining popcorn in the ghee.

Place the lid on your saucepan. This is super important unless you want popcorn all over your kitchen.

As the corn pops lift the saucepan from the stove, giving it a quick shake to move the kernals around and then place back on the heat. This technique lowers the chance of burning the corn and is especially valuable if you’ve overloaded the saucepan with too many kernels!

You know when the ghee popcorn is nearly ready with the  length of time betweent the pops becomes extended.  Once the corn has not popped for 10 seconds or so remove from the heat.  Some like to turn the heat off and let the remaining heat cook the last few.

Quickly pour out your corn into another bowl to avoid the heat ‘steaming’ the cooked popcorn.

Voila! you’re done.

Add salt and more ghee to taste.


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